Repairs and Service

At Heartland Jewelry, we know your jewelry represents love, achievements, and precious memories. For that reason, we treat every repair with the utmost care, making sure that we respect both the piece and the sentiment. Because of this, your items are photographed when we receive them and documented in our computer system, so that we can easily track each item’s progress.

We value your jewelry’s story and we value YOU! Whether your jewelry represents a marriage, birthday, graduation, or a promotion, it reminds you of significant days in your life, and we respect those memories.

Resizing Grandma’s wedding band for YOUR walk down the aisle. Adding a birthstone to your mother’s ring to honor your new addition. A new watch band and crystal on Grandpa’s watch is now a graduation gift for your son. A new diamond in your wife’s wedding band for your 25th anniversary. All of these stories, plus dozens more, are why customers choose Heartland Jewelry.

Almost any repair you can think of is carefully handled by our in-house IJO Master Jewelers.


its just a number

Click the Picture for the rest of the story.

Click the Picture for the rest of the story.

I waited too long, I knew that I’d waited too long, but the proof was on my finger – literally. I’m a mom of a 2 ½ and a 4 year old, and I’ve never taken my wedding ring off. In March, my husband and I had a weekend to ourselves, for our anniversary. We decided to leave the city behind us (we live in Lincoln), and tour some small towns. We happened to be in Aurora that Saturday, and my ring finger was killing me. We stopped by Heartland Jewelry…


big city fix

Click the picture for the Rest of the Story

Click the picture for the Rest of the Story

I grew up in Aurora, NE, and it seems like I can always remember Heartland Jewelry being on the Square. When I got married 8 years ago, of course we bought our rings at Heartland. About 4 years ago, my wife and I moved to Chicago, for work. Last summer, I broke my wedding ring at the pool. When I realized what had happened, I knew that I needed to get it fixed, but wasn’t liking the “big city” aspect… 


basket case

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Click the Picture for the Rest of the Story


My center stone fell out of my engagement ring, and I was a total “basket case!”  I called several jewelry stores, and all of them stated that they “sent out” any jewelry that came in for repairs.  Well, I had been burned by that in the past, and there was no way I was letting that happen to my engagement ring!

I called Heartland Jewelry…