The Process


The Idea

Any custom design begins with an idea…your idea. Whether on a scribble on a napkin, or a picture from the internet, we can take the idea and make it a reality


CAD Drawing

Next, we send your idea, with specifications, to our Custom Design Studio to create a computer rendered drawing of the design. This beginning allows for changes to ensure the your idea is conveyed in the final product.


Wax Mold and Silver Casting

Behind the scenes, once you give your approval, the designers will create a wax mold. For a nominal fee, the design can be cast in Silver. Imitation stones can be added and the design and sent to the store where you give your final approval.


Finished Product

The whole process can be complete in 6 to 12 weeks. The piece of jewelry, designed to your specifications, will be in store, ready to find a place in your heart of the heart of someone special.