It’s Just a Number


…to see if they could offer any suggestions or help.

Well, long story short, my fingers have changed size since the birth of two babies, and with the staff’s input, I decided that my wedding ring needed to get resized. Unfortunately, that meant I had to have it cut off - my ring, not my finger! Thankfully, the staff at Heartland Jewelry were able to do that procedure easily and quickly. They told me that because my finger was swollen, and in essence, traumatized, I would need to wait about 8 weeks so that everything would normalize, and my real finger size could be determined.

Since they were so kind and helpful, I decided to have Heartland Jewelry do the repair. Eight weeks later, I think to the day, I was back in Aurora. I gasped when my new ring size was an 8. My wedding ring had been a 5. I felt awkward and embarrassed. Once again, their staff was amazing. They told me “size is just a number, just look at those two precious kiddos…There’s no reason to feel bad, or be upset.” They helped me to realize that being able to wear my beautiful ring comfortably was more important than having it be a certain size. I am grateful to wear my beautiful wedding ring again, and not be in pain.!

Mary H