A Riverwalk Christmas


Cami’s Story

Cami’s Story

The first day I met Caleb was at our church, in Aurora. The second I saw him walk in and sit down with his family, I was already blushing – even ask my mom! He even gave me communion that Sunday. Fast forward a week; I couldn’t stop thinking about him. I told my college roommates how I wanted to talk to him, but didn’t have the guts to do so. I asked one of my roommates, who went to high school with him, what he was like. She ended up texting him, and giving him my number. Later that day, I got the first message from him, and we’ve been together ever since.

As you can tell, it was definitely love at first sight. Being in church that Sunday and seeing him for the first time, I felt as if God had this planned all along for us.

What I love about Caleb is his patience – something I really struggle with. He conquers challenges as they come with the most positive and laid back attitude – something I also struggle with. I love his willingness to help anybody in need. He is my inspiration.

The proposal took me by suprise. For his college graduation, I planned a quick getaway trip to the San Antonio Riverwallk, in Texas. We both were in need of a vacation. It was the first night on the Riverwalk, to look at the Christmas lights. He didn’t waste any time. About a block into the walk, he wants to take a picture at this bench, by the river. He asked a stranger walking past it they would take our photo. As the woman was taking our picture, he grabbed my hand and got down on one knee, poured out his heart to me in a well-rehearsed speech, and I ugly cried – of course. I couldn’t say yes fast enough! After the proposal, we sat on the bench and soaked it all in, did a riverboat our, then called family and friends. I couldn’t picture anything more beautiful than the ring I received. It put me at a loss for words. Not only the physical beauty, but it symbolizes a unity so powerful.

I know being married will change my life because we will both continue to grow together as individuals, as well as our marriage, through life’s challenges and successes. I realize marriage will be a new journey for both of us, and I look forward to having the most supporting and loving man in every life situation and experience.

My advice to couples about to be engaged.

(To her;) Don’t get nosy about when, where, and if (although it’s hard). He will get down on one knee when he’s ready emotionally (and financially).

(To him;) Find out what she wants in a ring. But also add your touch. For example, I showed my (to be) fiancé the setting I loved, and he picked the center stone.

(To both;) Talk about marriage before getting engaged, to see where each other stands on serious, real-life situations; kids, therapeutic communication, religion, money, education, etc. If you don’t see eye to eye, see where you meet in the middle and compromise.

Caleb’s Story

It was a miracle that Cami and I met in church one Sunday. I was giving communion, and I thought to myself when I saw her: don’t be nervous and say everything correctly. That was the first time I’d ever met her in person, and face to face. As I sat through the rest of church, I felt as if she was staring at me, and I wanted so badly to see if she was still eyeing me! The next week I got her number from her freshman year roommate, and the rest is history!

I always knew I wanted a church-going wife someday. When I knew she actually went to church, and had faith in our Savior, I knew it was love at first sight. I knew the first day she came over I was hooked.

I love Cami for the fact that she has strong faith, a strong personality, and is responsible in every aspect of life! She has everything going in ways she wants them to, and strives to be the best at everything she does, giving her best effort.

I can remember the day Cami sent me a picture of a ring she absolutely loved. I thought to myself, “ohhh no, what have I got myself into?” From there I knew I loved this girl after being with her for over two years. I wanted it to be a ring she loved and she could have some say in the symbol of our love for a lifetime. I think that she did most of the designing to what setting fit her most perfectly, and I got to pick out the center stone. I had the ring she “loved” made, and added a few touches of my own. I felt anxious and nervous when I presented the ring on one knee, and I was super excited to see how the ring would look on her finger. In the moment of presenting her my lifetime of love with this ring, it gave me the biggest smile and the happiest heart when she said “YES” and was crying.

I think that when we are married it’s going to be rough to begin dealing with everyday life on our own. Cami and I get along as good as anyone, I believe, and want to always push through to be the best with what we have. I’m excited to see our love grow, and one day show the love of a lifetime to our children.

To all of the men out there that are nervous about rings… don’t be. You might think that it’s stressful and a lot of money, but get what fits you, and your future, the best. Talk to Dan and Michelle at Heartland. They insisted that everything be perfect for me going through the ring shopping process.