It’s a Set-up


Brooke’s Story

Ben and I met through our older sisters! Our sisters were college roommates and after countless times of trying to get us together, my sister ended up giving Ben my number on Instagram (embarrassing). He texted me and we talked for a couple of weeks before meeting for the first time in Aurora.

I really enjoyed talking and hanging out when I first met Ben. I knew I wanted to continue getting to know him after first meeting him. Our love grew quickly, but not love at first sight. (His answer is probably different.)

What I love the most about Ben is that he is a very selfless, loyal, driven man. He supports me and challenges me at the same time. I love that Ben can laugh at my humor, even when I’m making fun of him!

Ben proposed at the Trattore winery in Dry Creek Valley, Sonoma County in California.

Honestly, I was blown away with my engagement ring! I always hinted to Ben that I wanted a pear shaped diamond. So when I actually studied my ring, after the excitement of the proposal, I couldn’t have designed a better one myself.

Marriage has changed our lives, with the excitement of combining two lives into one for the better! We have to work at it every day, but we never question if it’s worth it or not. Marriage. When you dive into life head first with your favorite human!.

Ben’s Story

Brooke and I met through our older sisters. Alyshia gave me Brooke’s number, and I texted her.

My love for Brooke started to grow after the first weekend we officially hung out.

I love that she is very compassionate, loving and caring.

I put a lot of thought and time into the design of the ring that Brooke had been giving me hints that she wanted. With the help of the Heartland Jewelry team, we were able to create exactly what I envisioned.

We strongly recommend Heartland Jewelry if you are looking to get engaged and for your wedding bands. Brooke and I also custom designed our wedding bands and are thrilled with how they turned out. You won’t regret it!