A Pearl Necklace Transformation


…and asked me to have them restrung – one each for her two granddaughters.

Well, I know my 30 year old daughter and my 25 year old niece pretty well, neither of them is the “strand of pearls” type.  I knew that I wanted to each of the girls in the family: me, my daughter, her 2 daughters, and my niece to have a keepsake, and I wanted to honor my mother’s request, so I set out to find a solution.

The staff at Heartland Jewelry opened up a world of “pearl possibilities” that I never even dreamed existed.  At first, I was overwhelmed with the options, but in what seemed like a blink of an eye, they helped me find the ideal solution.  Grandma’s pearls were actually going to be turned into keepsakes, and more importantly, they would be worn!  

They created 3 modern necklaces, using 9 pearls each, and 2 more for the great-granddaughters, each with 3 pearls; plus, two bracelets, and two pairs of earrings.  I was thrilled with the quality of their work, as well as their timeliness. As my mother’s health is declining, I wanted to make sure that these gifts were ready for last Christmas, so that she could see her grand and great-granddaughters opening the gifts of “her pearls.”  She was overjoyed with how the new pearl jewelry turned out, and so were the girls. Thank you Heartland Jewelry for allowing my mother’s dream of gifting her pearls to come true, and at the same time celebrating who those recipients are!

~Charlotte T.