A new chapter


…or do something else with it.

What I loved most about my wedding ring was the white gold swirls that surrounded my center stone, and of course the stone in the center was the beginning of my husband’s and my life together, so it was pretty special too.

My late husband had given me another beautiful diamond ring a few years ago, for my 60th birthday, which I always wear on my right hand. The staff at Heartland Jewelry put their thinking caps on, and came up with a wonderful idea. Since my wedding set was in a pretty sad state, and I wasn’t sure that I wanted to fix it, they suggested that we take the elements from my wedding ring that I like best, and incorporate them onto my other ring. At first, I was unsure, as it can be hard for me to picture things like that, but I trusted their ideas, and wow - I am thrilled!

They took two of my most favorite things, and turned it into my new favorite! They incorporated the diamonds, from my wedding set into the setting, along with those wonderful swirls, which now lay around the main diamond in my birthday ring. It’s just gorgeous, and I love it!

I am so happy that I trusted their judgement and design expertise. I have the best of two worlds; I am able to honor my husband, and our life together, and my ring is now an embodiment of this new chapter of my life. A big thank you goes out to Heartland Jewelry; thank you for your abilities, patience, and hard work – I love my ring!